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"Movement snacks!"

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Snacks?? Movement snacks??
What’s a movement snack??
Movement snacking simply means doing small dollops of movement and exercise whenever an opportunity presents itself in your day. No gyms, no special clothes or gear required.
Why a movement snack?
Our bodies were made to move, all day. Our body and our brains like to move. They don’t work at their best sitting down all day then doing 8k step in one go
How to have a movement snack?
While waiting on the kettle to boil, when you get home/before dinner, mid morning, lunchtime, before bed …… do some squats, some forward folds, some low jacks for 10 minutes just in whatever you’re wearing and then go back about your day.
If you had 2 movement snacks a day that would be an extra 2+ hours of movement a week

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Peanut butter protein cookies
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