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A driven, busy, ambitious woman who strives to achieve her goals, loves the life she lives, all while attaining a badass glow, inside and out!

Badass Mama from Jules Duncan Coaching

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Zoom classes are with the whole Team – Fit Club and Mama!

They are not specific pre/post natal only classes. You can join any Zoom workouts on the app! Before joining any classes, please read the Pre & Post Natal Fitness Guides so you are fully aware of the modifications you personally need to make to any of exercises in the live Zoom classes. You can also use any of our on-demand workouts.

For both Zoom and On-Demand classes please modify the workout based on the modifications you need personally. Your Coach will provide lots of options during the workout!

On-demand workouts labelled “Pre/Post Natal Suitable have already been modified and do not have any exercise that are not recommended while Pre/Post Natal.

Read the guides under “Fitness Guides” before completing any workouts!

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